Tina Corey, MS RD LD
Seashell Dietitian

It is common to see people on a beach combing through the sand looking for seashells.  There is something fascinating about the unique shapes and colors found in each shell.  Throughout time, seashells have been used as currency, tools, art inspiration, collection items, jewelry, and have served many other uses.  Science has marveled at the resilience of seashells and their inhabitants while religions have used shells as parts of worship and symbolism.  When researching shells, I found the Nautilus shell is a symbol for growth and renewal.  A Nautilus does not shed or exchange it's shell; rather it creates room for growth.  When facing  a health condition or making a decision to change towards a healthier lifestyle, we are like a Nautilus-  we grow from within to meet our needs.  
Whether a change in lifestyle is a necessity or a choice, my goal is to empower you to improve and maintain your overall health.  As each seashell is unique, so are you.  I will use an individualized approach to help you develop a lifestyle plan that is best suited to your own needs.

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